5 Ways to Farm Classic WoW Gold

Our customers often ask us many questions, especially after Blizzard's announcement on the World of Warcraft Classic at BlizzCon 2017, on how to grow gold in World of Warcraft, but also on the realms of Light's Hope, Lighbringer, Elysium Nighthaven and Twinstar Kronos-WoW. We are therefore happy to share our experience and some knowledge with you. It may not be a discovery for anyone, but it is good to update the information we all know and summarize it in one place. We look forward to publishing other related articles to help you save time. This guide can help you not only in Vanilla WoW, but in any other extension you play.
There are five ways to earn gold in classic wow
Collect resources
Farm Dungeons
Monopolizing auction house
1) Gathering Resources
There are many things to find and collect in the world: leather, fish, mineral, herbs, clothing, stones, precious stones, recipes, essences, chips, special reagents and more. Everything can be sold.
This way, it may take a long time to get a good amount of gold, but don't forget your luck. The simple possibility of finding a black lotus or exploiting a pair of arcane crystals can save you hours of work and double your daily income.
It is already a great advantage to start making money and your first gold coin at low levels. Counting is a good choice here. A quick and easy way to collect resources, all skin types, while leveling for those running at level 60. There are many good places to grind the animal crowd and skin them. I like to do it as a troll hunter, the trolls have a passive racial ability: + 5% more damage against the animals.
The most profitable professions are considered phytotherapy and the charm of couples. You can only have Spell for the Disenchantment ability, which will get you decent gold. Consider disenchanting all the armor linked to the soul, not just selling them to a seller, but I don't recommend disenchanting any type of weapon, it's more profitable to sell it to a merchant if it's a related item, or to sell it auction house if is BoE (bind on equip).
Remember, you can't get level 225 skills in professions if you don't reach level 35.
Always sell all your belongings to the auction house, don't be lazy, it's your money!
Excellent in finding wholesalers and constant buyers, they usually advertise in commercial channels. They can offer lower prices than auction houses, but you can save time by selling everything instantly.
2) Farming Dungeons
This option is the best to use on 40+ levels. The higher you are, the better you earn. You're only using specific dungeons or bosses. Here you kill some birds with a stone: you have a lot of experience (make sure all the missions are in your quest log, always ask your teammates to share them) if you're still leveling; improve your current equipment; and tons of loot (clothes, recipes, even lousy gray items that sell a lot to a seller). If you are part of a group, think of your classmates, whether they need an object or not, they don't need everything.
If you play a magician and have already reached level 55, it's good to start cultivating alone from Dire Maul East or Blackrock Depths. The only negative thing here is the limit of five underground repairs per hour.
With a hunter at level 60, it's nice to go to Maraudon or Dire Maul North Tribute. Collect spells for the disenchanted ability so you can loot unique items if you knock them down, in order to disenchant what you already have.
Consider that sometimes it is more convenient to make short rapid passages in the lower levels of the basement than the upper level underground passages.
Always sell all items in the auction house. If you are not sure of its value, consult the market. Some items may not be sold and you will lose money by placing it at the auction house. Good idea to be a bank of low-level characters and keep everything until the weekend. All sales increase on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, you can advertise in a commercial channel to inform people that an item you are selling has been placed at the auction house.
3) Crafting Professions
Another way to make classic wow gold. This option works well at level 60 when you already have good hardware. Obviously, you should have gold ready to buy the reagents. Prepare for up to 225 skill points in any profession: the following elements are not worth much. You will get your first income after 225 skill points in leather work, forge, alchemy or sewing. Unfortunately, engineering and enchantment will still require investment. The only way to make gold with enchantment is a disenchanting talent (we talked about it).
Engineering is not a profitable choice. Don't expect to make the same amount of gold with Alchemy or Tailoring. It is mainly oriented towards PVP. However, there are still some elements necessary to complete the missions: mithril bag, bronze tube, gyroscope. Basic scopes and explosives are consumables
Leather goods have three specializations: elemental, tribal and dragon scales. I would like to take a tribal. This allows you to create Devilsaur game objects. Potential clients include hunters, thieves, warriors, farsighted druids, even improvement shamans and revenge paladins. Regardless of where Una Goro Mafia is in the Horde and the Alliance, they control the entire crater area of ​​Un'Goro and grow the Devilsaurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and make thousands of gold. With Dragonscale Spec, you can create a set of Black Dragon Mail. Good demand also among the DPS Warriors, Chasseurs, Chamanes, Paladins, for those who want fast and easy Bis Pre-Raid items
Everyone needs bags! If you're a tailor, it's a good deal for you to make Runecloth fabric bags. Furthermore, the price of twill and Dreamweave items is good and most people buy them at level 40 or above. Some BoE epics like Hide of the Wild are essential for any pre-raid healer.
Being an alchemist is getting rich. Everyone needs consumption potions, bottles and elixirs. Some of them are needed to complete missions. The passive income sells the recovery time of the transmutation every 24 hours.
Getting Blacksmith at level 300 is a considerable effort. It is not this thing to make wow classic gold quickly. However, blacksmiths are still missing. The spellcasters need all kinds of sticks, the melee classes are looking for hard stones and counterweights, others buy Iron Spurs. Once you learn some rare and epic recipes, people will always use your service to get things done.
Where can I find equipment and reagents? Buy in bulk for cheap farmers or follow lots of auctions. Get in touch with most big sellers. Communication is important here, send a whisper or write a letter to them. It would be good for both to establish business relationships. Constant suppliers and buyers are convenient for both parties to save time and effort.
4) Speculation
You will need initial funds to start this way. Buy cheap and sell at real or higher price - it seems easy enough. But you must have a basic knowledge of prices and always follow the market. People sell cheap when they need fast gold or don't know the real value of the item. So this is your chance to take action. If you see someone selling a cheap item in the commercial channel, contact them immediately. You should use all your trading skills to negotiate the price and make it as low as possible. It is an important communication skill. Furthermore, it is good to get addons to negotiate effectively at Auction House: At or Auctioneer. They allow you to analyze offers, compare prices, find the cheapest options, quickly publish articles and many other useful tools. You can create your first out of ten gold you have in your pocket.
5) Monopolizing Auction House
Monopolization is risky. But where the risk - there is also a high profit. To start with, you should have some initial gold, the more you can invest, the better.
The first thing to do is learn the market of the items you want to monopolize. Let's say it's Kingsblood. We can see that a pile of Kingsblood sells for 1 gold. There are 10 batteries in the auction house. To control the market, you need to buy all the lots of Kingsblood, even the most isolated. The next step is to make the Kingsblood auction you purchased at the price you want. Be reasonable and earn 2 gold coins. But all people are still used to the old price of 1 gold and they won't buy your blood at first. You have to keep your bids 2 times at any time, you don't need to put everything you have at once, 3 to 5 lots are enough at the beginning. As you can see, other sellers can also start bidding for 2 gold coins. This is what we need. But if someone sells less, he immediately buys his Kingsblood. Soon, people will start accepting your 2 gold price as a normal price and buy your things. Now all you have to do is sell everything you have. Check out different markets. It can be anything, even 20-30 or 30-40 objects or blue boys. The same strategy works everywhere. It takes a long time to keep track of the markets and check the offers. It's not as easy as it might seem, you should spend at least a week of surveillance to guarantee prices, you will fail if you buy everything at the same time without research. Sooner or later, too many people will decide to sell your item. How they could see the price change and think it happened naturally. The market is overwhelmed. It is important to stop before the collapse. It always happens

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