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Trading To Remind

>  Notice for WOW:

  ☆ After we trade the gold to your in game, pls notice don't believe anyone in game for any reason, include the guy who trade withyour,only the cheater in game will ask for the gold back.

>  Features of the Cheater in Game:

  ☆ He will create a character name alike with our delivery guy, sometime just one words different, some time just a little symbol on one of the word.

  ☆ He will talk to your once our guy finished the trade, say: oh so sorry I just forget to take the screen shot , can we trade it again? Or say: if your give you gold to me, I will back more gold to your. Or say: your gold is not legal if you didn’t give to me, I will go report you etc.


Yours Sincerely

zamgold Co,.LTD Team

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account !

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